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Young Fathers - Rain Or Shine

This song was last played at 12:22am on Tuesday 1st of March 2016 & the first time we seen it played was at 8:42pm on Monday 2nd of February 2015. In total we've seen it being played 13 times.


I may not be around
I may not be around

no jesus in my life
no demons in my life

nooo no no (I may not be around)
no no (I may not be around)

Some say that I'm shy
but i think i'm alright

Ohhh oh oh (i may no be around)
oh oh (i may not be around come rain or shine)

When the day ends i'm alright (when the day end i'm alright)
give me strength give pain (give me strength)
Eternity is all the same (the same the same)
Keep on searching for some strange
More power's not the cure (More powers not the cure)
Your position's not secure
You see him but don't see me
ain't he handsome aint he free (ain't he handsome aint he free)
let the tyrant walk right in
feed yourself feed your kin
theres typhoid in the water (hysteria hysteria)
and he's giving out the orders
some say I'm a magician (Some say I'm a magician)
some say that I'm shy.
I'm Mr. Initiation (Im Mr. Initiation)
I'm ready to fly
I'm ready to die

I may not be around come rain or shine

I could do more, i could care less

I ain't strange enough
I ain't strange enough
need help for my condition
keep on spitting in the water
keep on sipping they keep wishing.
imma show you where
where to go down in the sculler
get you hot under the collar
on the hotline show

I ain't strange enough
I ain't strange enough

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