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Tom Vek - Aroused

This song was last played at 8:41pm on Thursday 12th of September 2019 & the first time we seen it played was at 7:40pm on Thursday 1st of October 2015. In total we've seen it being played 2 times.


You said only a back page
Will get us read as the first page
Now you're observing the corners
That are showing the first signs of ageing
I'm not trying to read you anymore
I just keep on turning you through the days
Until the latest chapter unfolds

You look aroused, you look awake
You want a lighter turned on

A slumber will fall on you again
But in your dreams you're being held

Underneath the elephants in a room
You'll be trampled stampeded down

You've broken all our hearts
You've broken all our hearts
But they no longer ache now
They don't hurt

You look aroused
You look awake
You want a lighter turned on

You look aroused... (repeat)

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