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Sampa the Great - Final Form

This song was last played at 9:52pm on Thursday 24th of October 2019 & the first time we seen it played was at 9:35pm on Monday 17th of June 2019. In total we've seen it being played 18 times.


The lace lady
Travel with grace baby
I can’t afford to cover the costs of course maybe

Settle that one in court ‘cos
Judging by the basics
Y’all already comfortable stuck up in the matrix

Shit is basic

Past credentials

But understand your favourite rapper peep my goat potential

I’m not ashamed

Been passive

Trying to fit a circle cos I don’t know how to act shit

Half of y’all is steady insecure don’t try to backflip

Just because the seasoning of flow is already active

Only four years


Young veteran

New classic

Nah knock the walls off

Fuck the whole key we gonna hinge the whole door off

I’m still A.D never forget it

It’s life after death

Role the credits


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