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Roo Panes - The Original

This song was last played at 8:53pm on Monday 30th of November 2015 & the first time we seen it played was at 11:17pm on Sunday 1st of November 2015. In total we've seen it being played 2 times.


Well it seems she'll play the same old piece to play along,

Because the audience never listened to her mermaid song,

That temptation was a sunny isle where all that lives is dead,

Don't choose its shadows to make your bed.

Behind that painted lady, there's a masterpiece,

Behind the painted lady, she's a masterpiece,

But she doesn't care to think so; no she hasn't got belief,

That's what she's wearing over her face,

Singing, oh! Take me back to me, oh! The original me,

Oh! Take me back to me, the original me.

And when the sun descends she'll be the swan song silhouette,

And even down the road she'll be the last to leave your head,

And you'll feel like your marooned upon that sunny isle instead,

Don't choose its shadows to make your bed.

Singing, oh! Take me back to you, oh! The original you,

Oh! Take me back to you, the original you.

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