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Little Simz - 101 FM

This song was last played at 11:54am on Monday 20th of May 2019 & the first time we seen it played was at 10:57pm on Tuesday 1st of January 2019. In total we've seen it being played 33 times.




Back when me and Avelino used to make tracks

Live and die in the LDN in ends it's mad (shit's crazy)

Trappers and a whole family in the same damn flat (um)

Eve tryna get a salary while Adam out here licking shots to cats

Don't lack

Shubz on a Friday pulling up at Jbo's gaff (skurting ay)

2 2 gyal getting moved by 2 2 man (2 2 man ay)

Come off the decks if you can't mix its not happening (nah)

More time gunshots in the air like bap bap bap bap (mad)

Book smart with the bars but I never learnt that from school (nah)

16 doing up radios sets I was spinning up all them fools (spinning em, spinning em, ay)

Times I would get home late to my mumzie's crib

Simbi who are you with?

What have you done?

Where have you been?

Shit (damn)

Tears in my eyes real tears when Ken got nicked (Ken got nabbed)

Tore everyone apart but the law don't give 2 shits (don't give 2 fucks)

Just another black boy in the system doing time in bin (true)

But he had a heart full of gold, good intent with a smile so big

Oh he did ay

We used to have dreams of getting out the flats (getting out the flats)

Playing PS2

Crash Bandicoot, Mortal Kombat (know them ones)

I mastered my flow like Dizzee and Busta (legends)

And one day buy real weed from a Rasta (real Rasta man)

Slicking down baby hairs way before insta (way before insta)

Time when I had a dummy on my chain all for one likkle pose in a picture (snap snap, ay)

Year 11 when I started putting the trees in Rizla (smoke, smoke)

And to the niggas that fell off in this ting no, we don't miss ya

No we don't

But sometimes you have to go missing (missing, missing)

Need a way out I was hoping praying and wishing (praying and wishing)

Now I'm doing up some madtings doing up big tings

Still I'm in ends when I pass through junior's plain ready on sight

When I walk in Wayne shouts out yo wagwan sistren

Kill'em with flows

One by one or I kill 'em in bulk

Simz is the only one on her job

Its bait everyone I London knows (um)

But still they don't wanna give no props but life good when you make this much doe

I'm laid back I'm good I'm easy

Old school it was too damn easy

Ina my Air Force one new era hat (era hat)

Playing PS2

Crash Bandicoot, Mortal Kombat (Mortal Kombat old school)

Used to bump train and dip the conductor

Now I can buy

Whole heapa ting from a Rasta (bare tings)

We used to have dreams of getting out the flats (Ooo we did we did)

Bus rides to the studio just to make tracks (EC1 days)

I mastered my flow like Luda and Kano (true)

Ask Lou and Reece and them man trust me they know (trust me they know, they know they know)

Listening to new sounds of Little Simz

Little Slimz

This is 101FM

Were live at ya

Top of the flats

Can't see us but you can hear us

Were loving it you're loving it

Sweet as a fucking nut

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