About This Website

The original idea for this website was, well - to be honest just a bit of fun. I've always been a big fan of Radio 1 (especially the weekend shows!) and the next day after listening I'd always find myself trying to find the tracks that were played so that I could listen back to them... But I'm not gonna lie back then (in 2014) it was a bit of a challenge.

Anyway to cut a long story short I've also coincidentally always been interested in a bit of web development... I mean I've never studied it properly at college or anything, I'm just self-taught from what I've read online & I decided to challenge myself to put together a little site that would keep a record of all the songs that were played on Radio 1 & make it super easy to listen back to them...

And well as you can probably tell, I was kinda successful... However sadly in around 2017 the BBC changed the way they put their content out which caused my site here to stop working - and since my life had got busy at that point I just never got around to fixing it. Instead this website just sat empty with no songs being added or displayed for about 2 years (or so I thought!)

Fast Forward To 2019...

I found myself with some time & I decided to take a look back into this site to see what the issue was... To my surprise it turned out the site hadn't truly stopped working after all, and whilst the songs that were getting played hadn't been displaying on the site for those years - they had actually still been getting recorded in the database behind the scenes (or most of them at least).

When I peeked in the database I found around 300,000+ songs in there (many duplicates of course) - so the site had actually been recording playlists almost successfully for 5 years straight.

Therefore with such a large archive in my possession I kinda felt it was my duty to bring the site back online & so that's exactly what I did. Plus I also tried to make some improvements to it too :)

However I set it up with simplicity in mind & I've still tried to keep that at it's core. I just want to provide an easy site for both myself & yourself to use to easily enjoy & listen back to the music played on Radio 1 :)

So yeah that's basically it, I hope you enjoy it/find it useful... And if you're interested you can check out the old-old "about this site" page which I wrote when I first started the site below:

Oh and P.P.S if you came across this site when it first started you'll have likely noticed that there was a live Twitter feed that you could follow which outputted all of the songs... Well, I discovered that Twitter banned the account in ~2017 too (and admittedly a tweet for EVERY song was kinda annoying)... BUT I'm gonna look into building another which maybe just tweets first plays or the full playlist at the end of each day with some stats. I'm not quite sure to be honest, but watch this space!

The OLD (original) "about this site" page content can be found below:

About This Website

The idea of this website is to provide an online archive of all the Radio 1 playlists from various presenters and shows and allow you to easily listen back to all the songs that they've played. I also thought it'd be pretty cool in a year or so's time to be able to look back over all the tracks that have been played.

Where The Idea Came From...

I'm a 22 year old web developer with a love for music & after listening to Radio 1 on a weekend I always used to find myself scowering through the playlists and copying/pasting each of the tracks into YouTube so I could re-listen. I put this site together because it saves the hassle as you can just easily click on any of the song titles and it'll open it up to play in a new window or give you the option to get a copy of the track from Amazon or iTunes.

If you'd like to get keep updated with the goings on of this website, or see what else I'm doing then you can follow me on twitter using the button below: