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About This Website

The idea of this website is to provide an online archive of all the Radio 1 playlists from various presenters and shows and allow you to easily listen back to all the songs that they've played. I also thought it'd be pretty cool in a year or so's time to be able to look back over all the tracks that have been played.

Where The Idea Came From...

I'm a 22 year old web developer with a love for music & after listening to Radio 1 on a weekend I always used to find myself scowering through the playlists and copying/pasting each of the tracks into YouTube so I could re-listen. I put this site together because it saves the hassle as you can just easily click on any of the song titles and it'll open it up to play in a new window or give you the option to get a copy of the track from Amazon or iTunes.

If you'd like to get keep updated with the goings on of this website, or see what else I'm doing then you can follow me on twitter using the button below: